Sekhol Finder  

Frequently asked questions:

How can I report a bug?
To report a bug please click on the following link: Report a bug
Can I offer an improvement for the product?
Any recommendations and suggestions for product improvement are always welcome. Please use the following link to send us a message: Send a message
Can I move the registered program to other computer?
The registered version of the product is locked to the hardware of the particular computer and cannot be moved to other computer. Please be also advised that the registration may become invalid in the case of a major hardware update of the same computer system. For more details please see Registration instructions
Can I restore the registered program installation if my operating system has crashed?
This is possible if you have saved the file reg_restore.exe, which is created just after the the registration of the product. For more details please see Registration instructions
How can I update the search engines database?
In the latest versions of the product search engines database can be automatically updated online by chosing  Help -> Check for Updates in the main menu.
Is it possible to upgrade the registered version?
Although this is not guaranteed for all new releases, the registered version of the product can be upgraded (if upgradable) by installing the new version in demo mode. During the installation the product is usually registered automatically if the file reg_restore.exe has not been removed from the application directory. Alternatively, you can restore the registration by starting the file reg_restore.exe manually. Before installing a new version please make sure you still have the original installer (SekholFinder.msi file), which had been used for the current working version. If the upgrade fails, the original installer and the file reg_restore.exe will allow to restore the original installation (Registration instructions).
What languages are supported?
The current version of the product supports English only. A basic support for other languages is expected to be added in the next release.
Why the pictures in the page view panel sometimes are shown, but sometimes are not?
During the search, pages are loaded without pictures. This is done to ensure speed and efficiency of the search and data processing. The pictures for each particular page, however, are automatically downloaded and shown when the page is viewed. Some pictures may not be seen if, for example, the viewing time was to short for the picture to be downloaded completely. Also a picture may not be shown if it is displayed by a script.
Why after pressing the "Stop download" button the progress indicators are showing the programm is still doing something?
The button "Stop" in the main toolbar pauses download only. The already downloaded pages are still processed until the processing queue is empty. This takes usually few additional seconds. Also, the "Stop" button in the main menu does not stop autogeneration of thumbnal images. To stop thumbnail images processing right-click on the "Contents" item and use the commands available from the menu item "Thumbnails for all".  
Why in the "autothumbnails" mode the thumbnails are created not for all pages?
When creating autothumbnails the page has to be downloaded as a whole first. If the download takes too long (the pre-set value is more than 5 sec) the operation is aborted and the next page in the autothumbnails queue is processed. An alternative way to create a thumbnail image is to use the "Thumbnail" command in the Browser View. Also, a thumbnail image is always created for each page which has been opened in the viewer.
How can I add to the search a page which is currently opened in the Internet Explorer?
Copy/Paste the URL of the opened page from the Internet Explorer navigation window to the navigation window of the Browser View. Press then "Go" to open the page and then "To Hits" if, for example, the intention was to add the page to the "Hits" list.
Why a thumbnail image is not always shown in the folder report just after the thumbnail has been created?
The folder report is filled with images only at the stage of its creation i.e. when doubleclicking on the particular folder or by pressing "Enter" when the folder is selected. To update the images in the report it should be created anew.
Why the "delete item" command is not available in "Raw" section?
The "Raw" items section keeps references to all documents already downloaded during the current search. A particular downloaded document cannot be deleted and this is by design. This is done because any already available document may become relevant when the "Refine search" command is started later. The document references, however, can be removed from the main "Raw" list by using the "Hide item" command.
What is the difference between "Go" and "Start new" when starting a search?
If a search is started anew there is no difference. If, however, "Go" is pressed after the keyword list has been changed during the search, it is not clear whether the intention of the user is to to start a new search or to reprocess the already downloaded documents first. So in this case the dialog windows opens to choose between "Start New" and "Refine".